Wherever possible, we integrate children with special needs into appropriate mainstream classes. A testament to our teachers skills is the seamless inclusion of children with a variety of special needs. Our commitment to "teach the individual", covers mainstream pupils and children with special needs alike.

Our high teacher to pupil ratios, allow differentiation in classes at every level. As children progress, their ability normally exceeds their disability, and for the most part will continue to swim alongside their peers un-noticed by a casual passerby.

Our "tool box" of skills and experience, leads to a more technical swimming ability which builds increased self-esteem and outstanding results overall. A number of our children with special needs have successfully gone on to local swimming clubs and achieved medals at National Disability competition. The placement of a swimmer with special needs or a physical disability depends on many factors. Each swimmer is evaluated individually. Health and Safety is a high priority and we will assess all risks before offering a place. We do not normally conduct one to one lessons. For the most part there is no need; it is also too costly for the parent. Under special circumstances, provision can be made for one to one lessons, these are not subsidised and full cost will be charged. (Advice on funding may be available).