We Deliver Results

Wondering when your children are actually going to be taught to swim? Are you frustrated with lack of progress?

Extract Ref: Swimming Group Review of Curriculum Swimming and Water Safety Lessons 2017.

“However annual research by the national governing body for swimming, Swim England shows that since 2012 only half of children between seven and eleven – years – old have met required swimming standard”.

Over many years in business, we have listened TO YOU – THE PARENTS. We have heard your frustrations. Your stories are always sadly very similar.

We have always challenged ourselves to deliver what you, the customers want. Children who can swim, efficiently, effectively and confidently.

About Us

The swimming school offers a friendly and secure environment for your child to learn how to swim. Our caring and dedicated staff offer continuity and structured lessons to achieve independence in the water.

Keith Arnold

Keith is sole director of Keith Arnold Swim Schools Limited. The school began in 2001 as a hobby on a Saturday morning at Mostyn Mostyn House School in Parkgate.


Candice Arnold

Candice has been part of the business since she was sixteen, adding to the family atmosphere. Candice has been a club swimmer, is qualified to ASA Teacher Level 2 and also has an ASA Teacher "Disability Qualification.


Daniel Clarke

Daniel has worked for the swimming school since February 2016. He is a valued and experienced Level 2 Teacher and has a Lifeguard qualification, as a competitive swimmer himself, he has a strong understanding of what makes a good swimmer. He is employed as a "Lead Teacher and is responsible for overseeing several swimming school venues.

Amy Duffy

Amy started with us eighteen months ago. Is a Level 2 Teacher with a wide range of practical experience teaching children with disabilities and special needs. She is an asset to the swimming school, well liked by the swimmers and the parents. Amy is also a "Lead Teacher".


George Cain

I am proud to say was one of my original pupils. He was a club swimmer, and now teaches as a Level 2 Teacher himself. George has a lovely way with the children, and I am pleased to see him passing on his knowledge and skills to others.

Karl Smither

Karl is still a competitive swimmer and coach at Birkenhead Swimming Club. Although Karl teaches at other venues, he is primarily responsible for the development of our "Squad" groups in the 60 minute class on a Sunday afternoon at Calday Trust Pool. In a strange twist of fate, his father Roy coached me when I was swimming at the club. It is nice to maintain these common links.

Adam Newell

Adam is a new recruit. Beginning as a Level 1 Teacher in September 2019. At 16 and newly qualified over the summer, he is learning from some of the best teachers around.

Georgia Crinyon

Georgia is another example of a competitive swimmer moving on to teaching. Georgia is currently a pool assistant. She will be taking her Teaching qualifications after the Christmas break.

Ava Peter

Ava is another example of one of our own pupils moving through to take up a teaching position. Many parents will recognise her from Calday Trust pool. She has spent time doing clerical work for us, booking the children in and forwarding messages to me. She has shown remarkable aptitude, and we have decided her talents are more suited in the water, especially with the younger children. Ava will also be taking a Teaching qualification in the New Year.