Tess's Story

"I have always enjoyed swimming. It is fun and everyone is very friendly. All the staff are really nice and helpful. I never thought I could do bi-lateral breathing and now I am really good at it!"

What Mum says...

When Tess started at Keith’s swimming school she was very anxious in the water.  Tess would not put her face in, so would not entertain 'jumping in'. Keith and the team of instructors did not focus on what Tess couldn't do, their priority was to make her feel safe and comfortable in the water and reduce her anxiety. Repetitive strokes and movements encouraged Tess to gain more confidence in the water and after six months Tess jumped in! Since then, she has gone from strength to strength, a competent swimmer with bi-lateral breathing and very comfortable in the water. Tess enjoys swimming and views it as a fun activity, similar to her dancing. Generous staff / child ratios provide a supportive and safe environment for the children with all staff in the water, staff are fab! I have and would recommend Keith Arnold's swimming school to everyone.

What Keith and His Team say...

Tess was very anxious when she first came to the swimming school, we spent the early lessons building trust, and setting boundaries, so she had confidence we would not do things that would set her back. Tess has recently moved to a 25 meter pool and is working hard, pushing herself beyond he comfort zone. She has no problem with the deep end (and it's deep!), she has evolved into a swimmer with a beautiful technique and I personally am very proud of her.

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"Our children have been given skills which will stay with them for life and have been, and Nick still is, extremely happy learner in the process."



In her own words, "all the teachers are nice and kind, and after each session I feel proud of myself, especially when I learn a new stroke.”



"My son Teddy is 5 years old. He suffers severe anxiety in social situations especially with large groups of people. He does not speak at school."


The Daily Splash

Newsletter Summer 2016

Looking forward to the Summer holidays

Lessons will continue at DW Sport Fitness over the six week summer holiday as normal, with the exception of Monday 29th August (Bank Holiday)

We will also have provision for intensive courses (Three days a week) over the summer weeks at DW for children who are not currently customers. Places are however limited.

"Bank Holiday Monday", lessons on this date will run from 2:00 pm as follows.

If your normal Lesson time is 4:00 pm then on the 29th August it will be 2:00 pm

If your normal Lesson time is 4:30 pm then on the 29th August it will be 2:30 pm

If your normal Lesson time is 5:00 pm then on the 29th August it will be 3:00 pm

If your normal Lesson time is 5:30 pm then on the 29th August it will be 3:30 pm

If your normal Lesson time is 6:00 pm then on the 29th August it will be 4:00 pm

If your normal Lesson time is 6:30 pm then on the 29th August it will be 4:30 pm

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